Tips on Buying a Car

Whether buying a car, new or used, there are a few things to keep in mind before you are shown around the shiny showroom floor. Here are some tips –

Know what you want before you go shopping. If you do not know what make, model or price you are prepared to pay then a salesperson is going to tell you what you want and you will end up paying a lot more for a new or used vehicle then you ever thought! Be very aware that car salesmen are well trained in seeing an unprepared customer coming!

Refuse to be intimidated by flashy salesmen. All automobile salespeople are trained in the fine art of persuasion and they know how to keep talking in a way that you feel you cannot interrupt. However, it is crucial for you to have the confidence to say to the fast-talking salesman that you need him to slow down or even, not say anything at all and let you browse. This is especially true if you are a woman.

Connect with just one salesman and commit to dealing with him or her only. Tell the salesman that if he will stand off for a bit that you will get back to him as you realize that he making a connection. Try not to get caught in a war between two salesmen unless you see that they are both competing with each other to offer you a lower price for the car. In that case, let them put on a show and compete for your selection. However, be aware that a car place that allows this may not be the most ethical place to purchase a vehicle. Most well-run car sales places do not showcase arguments between employees.

Never accept the quoted price. This is usually a really inflated price that you have been told is the non-negotiable lowest deal available. Sometimes it is three thousand or more over the average listing price. Always do your homework and check out the price a car before you go shopping. In car salesman talk this is called “ripping the head off.”

Finally, ask about leasing a car. This can be a lot less expensive than buying a new or used car. However do not fall for something that car salesmen call the “full pop lease.” This is where you are sold or leased a car with the highest interest rates and fees possible even though you had perfect credit when you walked onto the car lot or into the showroom.