Bringing back the Supra


Toyota plans reveal a supra concept plus two other sports cars in October 2017. The Supra FT-1 concept, shown above, is from January 2014, and the final product will take strong styling hints from that car. The final design is a collaboration between Toyota’s headquarters in Toyota City and the company’s Calty studio, located in California.

Tips on Getting Your Car Repaired

Unfortunately the more you know about automobiles the better off you will find yourself when it is time to have your car repaired. It is very easy to be charged more than a job is worth if the auto mechanic suspects you know nothing about his business or about cars in general. This is especially a problem for women.

Here are some tips for getting your car repaired without having your wallet cleaned out.

Make sure the car repair business is legitimate. Make sure that the Better Business Bureau in your area recommends the shop, and that it has a good reputation. Often bad reviews of a business will be printed online. Look for shops that have the Better Business certification displayed in their window.

Get a written estimate. Do not let anyone at the car repair shop work on your car until they have diagnosed the problem with the car and given you a written estimate. You must give your okay for the work to begin before anyone starts repairing the vehicle. If your car needs a specialist to repair it, make sure this expert is in place as well. Make sure that the shop has phone numbers you can be reached at so they can consult with you about what needs to be done.

Do not let a mechanic rush you. Take all the time you need to ask all the questions that you need. Don’t be embarrassed if you need to ask the mechanic for explanations. No question is a stupid question. This is especially true if you are a woman. If you are humiliated for asking a question about car repairs because you are female or not familiar with cars then find another auto repair shop to do business with.

Check your warranty. If your vehicle is under warranty you could void it by taking it to an unauthorized dealership. Do not let a savvy talker sell you repairs despite the fact that their business is not covered by a warranty.

Finally, get everything in writing. When you pick up a car get an explanation of everything that was done for the car and be sure to get all guarantees in writing. Make sure that your repair bill is itemized so that you can prove that an item is covered by the guarantee should there be an issue with the car after you drive it away from the shop.

Bugatti Chiron concept car


This awesome Bugatti Chiron concept car was sold to a Saudi prince. It is unknown how much cash was dropped for Prince Badr bin Saud to add the cars to his collection, but Bugatti did say on social media “The customer was awarded the contract after submitting the most convincing bid”. In other words, he made an offer so crazy it would have been ludicrous to turn it down. The Bugatti Chiron concept car was designed for the computer game Gran Turismo.