Halltech Ram Air Fascia Bracket Carbon Fiber


Looking for ram air for the 2006-2013 C6 Z06, and Grand Sport? The Halltech Ram Air Fascia Bracket™ is your answer. No more bottom breathers, with the chopping, cutting, carving up of your radiator shroud, since this mod requires no cutting, but will require removal of the front fascia to install. This will open up your stock NACA duct to full ram air with the Halltech Super Bee™ or Killer Bee™ Intake system. It will also provide cold air (not ram air) to the stock intake system, but you can add our DIY Beehive and get ram air going on. The carbon fiber bezel is optional and not included in this purchase. It can be purchased separately at a later date and installed without removal of the fascia. Installation time depends on your mechanical aptitude, but set aside an afternoon and a six pack. Professional installation would be best to avoid any problems, but it can be done without special tools. The bracket is a special made carbon fiber bracket with a full ram air NACA duct opening. Saves -5lb off your front end, and – The Halltech Killer Bee™ intake system and Beehive™ is necessary to capture the additional volume of airflow to the filter.